Hillcrest Sports and Recreation Group

Hillcrest Sports and Recreation Group is a non-profit community based organization and has been a member of the G.T.H.L and the NYHL since 1965. We are proud that we have our valued volunteers, sponsors and donors as part of this organization. Our unique approach to hockey development is what separates us from other organizations. If you are here for the first time and looking for a great hockey organization, we welcome you and hope to see you on one of our teams.
Along with the houseleague we also have a very successful Select program


  • 01.Community Bbased Hockey

    Our mission, as a community-based hockey association, is to provide a safe, fair, positive and respectful, environment for our players to play and enjoy the game of hockey.

  • 02.Development Of Future

    Our primary focus is on the development of our future young men and women while teaching them the game of hockey. To this end, teamwork, co-operation, respect, obeying rules, perseverance and commitment will be emphasized. Coaches, convenors and executives will present themselves as role models and mentors to these young men and women.

  • 03.Player Treatment

    Fair and equal treatment of all players will be the first and foremost goal for our coaches, convenors and volunteers.

An Overview Of Our Programs & Features
  • Non-contact, co-ed, house league hockey for ages 3 - 13 years of age.
  • Unique "line system" at the younger ages that allows everyone to be in the game
  • The houseleague Registration includes approximately 20 weekends of hockey, the registration includes jerseys, socks and team pictures.
  • Our Learn To Skate/Play/Initiation program is one of the best programs in the city with an instructor on the ice each week
  • NYHL Select hockey at all age levels
  • We put into practice "Safety First", " equal play" and have codes of conduct for all participants, team officials and parents, to ensure our House League is a fun and safe place to play recreational hockey.