History (Hillcrest Hockey)


The Hillcrest Summits were formed in 1972 and the name changed to the Hillcrest Canadiens in August 2009 after permission was granted by the Montreal Canadiens and the National Hockey League Enterprises Canada L.P. (“NHLEC”) to use the name and logo. The Hillcrest Sports Group is an active member of the Greater Toronto Hockey League (“GTHL”) and is a successful and highly regarded AA & A organization, which takes great pride in its teams’ history and accomplishments.  The Club is a not for profit organization, which is managed by elected volunteers.

Hillcrest Sports And Recreation Group

Hillcrest Sports and Recreation Group is a non-profit community based organization and has been a member of the G.T.H.L and the NYHL since 1965. We are proud that we have our valued volunteers, sponsors and donors as part of this organization. Our unique approach to hockey development is what separates us from other organizations. If you are here for the first time and looking for a great hockey organization, we welcome you and hope to see you on one of our teams.
Along with the houseleague we also have a very successful Select program