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Hillcrest Selects

Rules And Regulations

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  1. Bank Accounts

Each team must open a bank account under an appropriate name identifying “Hillcrest Selects” and category name i.e., Novice, Peewee etc., or player year with minimum of two, unrelated, unconnected, signing officers. The Coach is ultimately responsible for the accurate recordkeeping of team funds but may delegate this role to the Manager. Teams are not permitted to carry excessive cash balances from year to year.  A minimum balance of no more than $100-$150 is permitted to maintain a bank account between seasons.

2.Team Budget

Select teams must produce a preliminary budget at the start of season, which is to be presented to the Select Convenor by October 30th each year and agreed upon by a majority of team parents.   The Select Convenor may require changes to a budget that includes items that the Select Convenor considers to be unreasonable.
The team budget should include all anticipated items, including but not limited to Team Fees per Section 1.3 below, tournament fees, additional ice and instruction if any, and reasonable allowance for team events.  The team budget should provide for the Select Team Jersey Deposit required under Section 1.5, which will be deposited by the Association and refunded accordingly at the end of the season with reasonable deduction for jerseys that are not returned.
The Coach must endeavour to spend team funds in accordance with the approved budget.
Significant cost items incurred over and above those provided for in the budget are subject to pre-approval by the Select Convenor, e.g. where additional tournaments are planned.   
In an effort to keep participation in Select hockey financially accessible, Hillcrest discourages the practice of significant expenditures on team apparel such as jackets, track suits, hockey bags, etc.   Sponsorship may be obtained for these items or may be included in the budget if all the team parents agree.    The reasonable cost of hats, T-shirts and similar items with a cost of no more than $20 per unit may be included in a team budget.
The Coach must provide a financial statement to the team parents at least twice during the season (preferably December and February) and provide a copy to the Select Convenor.

3.Team Fee

The Association will determine a fee for each Select team.  The Team Fee will take into account the cost to the Association for operating a Select program, including, but not limited to, the following:

                                   a) The fee charged by the NYHL for team registration

                                    b)  Select practice ice costs

The Team Fee is payable to “Hillcrest Sports and Recreation Group” in 2 instalments, November 15th and December 15th.  Failure to submit the Team Fee in a timely manner may result in non-registration.

4. Player Select Fee

The Player Select Fee is set and collected by each team.  The fee should be based on the player’s proportion of the total Select team budget.
Lower fees may be charged to a player for late enrolment and/or being designated as call-up.  

5. Select Team Jersey Deposit

A $500 deposit is required for Select team jerseys.  This deposit is refundable upon return of the jerseys at the end of the season with reasonable deduction for team jerseys that are not returned.  Such deduction will represent the cost to the Association to replace the jersey and may include an administration fee that is not to exceed $5 per jersey.   
Coaches are permitted to withhold any refund from the team budget due to parents pending the return of their child’s jerseys in good condition.   The Association may require that participants reimburse the Association for jerseys not returned in an acceptable condition.   Participants may purchase Select Team Jerseys at the discretion of the Select Convenor for an amount that generally equals the replacement cost of the jersey and may include an administration fee that is not to exceed $5 per jersey.

6. Refund Policy

Players requesting release from a team after October 1, 2018 will not receive a refund in respect of the Team Fee, regardless of the reason for their request.
Teams requesting a player’s release will refund the player.  The refund should be based on the Player Select Fee, less expenses incurred to the time of the release.

7. Tournament Fees

The NYHL and GTHL “tournament permission” fees and actual tournament registration fees  are the responsibility of each Select team.

8. Exhibition Game Fees

The NYHL “exhibition approval” fee is the responsibility of each Select team.   Note that there is no charge for exhibition games against other NYHL teams.
Select teams are responsible for arrangement and payment of qualified referees and timekeepers for exhibition games.  The Association requires the use of CHOP referees for these games.

9. Coaches and Trainers Certification Fees

The Association will reimburse all Coaches and  Trainers who successfully obtain required coaching or training certificates as well as Managers obtaining Speak Out certification.
Refund is obtained by submitting a copy of a certificate to the Select Convenor and a record of the fee paid.

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1. The Association

The Associations’ primary responsibility is to its players, and as such the Association will endeavour to:

a) Provide a coaching staff to teach and motivate players so that they can develop to the best of their ability.

b) Ensure that its coaches and trainers have obtained the required NCCP & HTCP Certificates required under Hockey Canada, GTHL, NYHL Rules and Regulations; including Speak Out certifications for Managers.

c) Provide the best possible facility for its teams and schedule appropriate practice times with respect to the age of the players.

d) Will pay the NYHL registration fee.

e) Is responsible for and reserves the right to discipline coaches, parents, players that are not in compliance with Hockey Canada, GTHL, NYHL, HVMHA Rules and Regulations or the provisions of this Manual.

2. Coaches

Coaches must:

a) Ensure that they and everyone on the player’s bench  have proper training and certification; refer to Section 3.1 for certification details.

b) Be familiar with Hockey Canada, NYHL, HVMHA Rules and Regulations and Hockey Canada Risk Management and National Insurance Program and the provisions of this Manual.

c) Complete or have completed a Personnel Screening Consent and Authorization form to Coach (annual requirement).

d) Ensure that players are eligible to play.

e) Check game sheets for misconduct or match penalties and ensure that these are served.

 f) Check with Referee or Select Convenor if game sheet information is ambiguous or unclear.

g) Ensure appropriate conduct of players and team staff and team parents on and off the ice at Select team events.

h) Complete appropriate game sheets for all games (regular season, pre-season, exhibition, and tournament).

i) Endeavour to check equipment used by players periodically to ensure it meets safety standards and advise parents of deficiencies.  A Coach may, at his/her discretion exclude a player because of deficient equipment but must inform the Select Convenor of the exclusion.

j) Direct all correspondence with NYHL through the Select Convenor.

k) Attend NYHL and HVMHA meetings, but as a minimum may send the team manager.

l) Observe the Fair Play Rule, as follows:

The Select program is an extension of Hillcrest House League; as such Coaches must endeavour to play all players equally.  Every attempt to follow this rule should be made, with two exceptions – (1) third period situations where the game is close or (2) when killing penalties.   Even in these situations, the Association prefers that Coaches still elect to allocate ice time equally but, if players are short shifted or miss a shift, consideration should be given to making this up in other games.  Coaches are required to consider the affect on the development and commitment of players and team morale.

m)  Observe the Fair Play Rule – Play offs, as follows:

Coaches are permitted to use players in the best way s/he sees fit to achieve a win.   The Association prefers that Coaches allow all players to participate. Coaches are not permitted to short shift players. Coaches are not permitted to bench players in order to achieve a win  during any period of the game.

n) Notwithstanding the above, Coaches are permitted to bench players where, in their opinion, a player’s behaviour is detrimental to the team, presents a danger to players or officials or damages the reputation of the Association.  These must be reported to the Select Convenor.

3. Managers

Managers are responsible for:

a) The financial affairs of the team.

b) Ensuring that a proper bank account is being used as per Section 1.1 above.

c) Collecting all registration fees from players.

d) Safekeeping and recordkeeping of monies raised during team fundraising events; the organization of fundraising events may be delegated to parent volunteers under the supervision of the team Manager.

e) Representing the team at NYHL and HVMHA meetings when requested to do so by the Coach or the Association.

 f) Coordinating with the Select Convenor to provide the necessary documents for NYHL team registration and arena entry passes.

g) Ensure that players and parents sign the Select Player Commitment Form and maintain these until the end of the season for reference by the Association.

h) Providing parents and players with information relating to results from regular meetings with the Association affecting the team, game changes, suspensions, player list, etc.

i) Submitting required forms to the Select Convenor or House League Vice President for approval of tournaments, exhibition games and team functions.

j) Ensure that the proper approvals from the Select Convenor or House League Vice President and the NYHL are obtained before the team participates in tournaments or exhibition games.


k) Where equipment is borrowed from the Association, maintaining an equipment inventory list and ensuring that each piece of equipment is returned to the Association at the end of the regular season or play-offs, this includes Select jerseys.

l) Ensuring that the Select team jerseys are returned at the end of the season, with  name tags, C’s, A’s and any sponsor patches removed.   Note: The jerseys are to be washed and returned, to the Select Convenor, in an appropriate carrier with the Select team level indicated on the outside.

m)  Arranging for the organization of out of town tournaments at least three (3) months in advance and ensuring that team members have all necessary maps, hotel locations and schedule of games, this may be delegated to parent volunteers.

4. Trainers

Trainers must:

a) Complete proper training and certification and provide copies of certifications as required.

b) Ensure that there is an appropriate First Aid Kit on the bench at team on-ice events, e.g. practices and games.

5. Select Convenor

The Select Convenor must:

a) Ensure that only those with valid certifications are appointed as Coach or Trainer.

b) Ensure that proper documents are submitted to the NYHL to register Select teams.

c) Ensure that Select team personnel are aware of their responsibilities.

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The NCCP and HTCP certification programs are Hockey Canada minimum requirements. The Association encourages Coaches and Trainers to upgrade or refresh their skills whenever possible

  1. Coaches
    Coaches are required to obtain NCCP certificates under Hockey Canada Guidelines and must provide proof of these to the Association as required, as follows:

    • Up to and including Peewee – Coaches Level  1

    • Minor Bantam and up – Coaches Level 2

  2. Trainers
    Trainers are required to obtain HTCP certificates under Hockey Canada Guidelines and must provide proof of these to the Association as required, as follows:

    • Up to and including Peewee – Trainers Level  1

    • Minor Bantam and up – Trainers Level 2

  3. Managers
    Managers are required to obtain Speak Out certification and must provide proof of these to the Association as required.

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    Other Policies


  1. Ice Restrictions
    Persons under the age of 18 not also registered with Hillcrest are not permitted on the ice during team events including practices, scrimmages, etc.   Teams may be fined or Coaches removed for infraction of this rule.

  2. Helmets
    All Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Trainers, etc., and any parent volunteers or anyone permitted on the ice by the Association must wear a CSA approved helmet.   Failure to comply with this rule may result in suspension of the Coach.

  3. Pre-Season Ice
    The Association will attempt to provide a reasonable allocation of pre-season ice for Select team try-outs.
    Teams must ensure that only players that have registered and paid for Hillcrest House League, as advised by the Association’s Registrar, are permitted to participate in Select team tryouts.   Where players have registered but not paid, teams may accept a cheque at the tryout for registration.  Players that have not registered prior to the tryout are not permitted to tryout.     
    Teams will charge a fee per player trying out to defray the cost of the ice and this will be paid over to the Association.   The tryout fee is set by the Association each year.   Following tryouts, the fees collected, plus any registrations paid, must be forwarded to the Select Convenor.

  4. Pre and Post Season Ice
    Teams can practice during the pre and post season at their own cost;  the Association will attempt to assist teams in securing ice.

  5. Regular Season and Playoff Ice
    The Association will provide one (1) hour per week practice time until the end of March, the cost of which is included in the Team Fee.  Teams requesting additional practice ice through the Association are required to pay for it from the team budget.  Teams eliminated from the playoffs can continue to practice until the end of March, but the Association prefers that consideration is  given to allow the ice time to be used by teams still participating in the play-offs.  

  6. Association Logo
    The appropriate Hillcrest Canadiens logo must be used on all team equipment.  The Association will provide all logos to teams and a “tape” (for embroidery purposes) upon request.

  7. Parent & Player Games
    Parents or guests are not insured under the GTHL insurance policy and therefore these games require prior appropriate approvals; contact the Select Convenor with the details of this event.   Refer also to Rule 4.1 above.

  8. Team Parties & Fundraising
    All team parties and fundraising events require NYHL  approval.  The appropriate forms must be completed; contact the Select Convenor with event details.

  9. Tournaments
    Teams entering tournaments must complete a Tournament Application Form signed by the Select Convenor or Vice President House League, and submit it with the appropriate fee to the NHYL office for approval.  The NYHL require receipt of the application at least 5 weeks prior to the event.    Teams are advised not to confirm tournament registration until approval is received.
    Please refer to NYHL Regulations and Rules manual for procedures/restrictions under article .10 TOURNAMENTS and .11 SCHEDULE CLEARANCES and adhere to the requirements.
    As a courtesy, House League Convenors at your team level should be advised of tournament dates as soon as possible as this may result in adjustments to the House League format during Select team player absences.
    Game sheets must be submitted to the NYHL within 48 hours following the end of the tournament; scanned or faxed copies are acceptable.   Note that the NYHL may levy a fine for not doing this.   Teams are responsible for submission of legible game sheets.
    Player suspensions, not served in the tournament, are served in NYHL games.  

  10. Exhibition Games
    Teams scheduling exhibition games must notify the Select Convenor or Vice President  House League, advising the place, date, time and opponent for the game(s).
    Where games occur or are with teams outside the GTHL boundaries, teams must complete a Tournament Application Form signed by the Select Convenor or Vice President House League, and submit it with the appropriate fee to the NHYL office for approval.   Refer also to NYHL Regulations and Rules manual for procedures/restrictions under article .9 EXHIBITION GAMES.
    Where games and opponents are within GTHL boundaries advise the Select Convenor of the details.  The Select Convenor will notify the NYHL office by phone or email.
    The above requirements are necessary for valid insurance.
    Teams playing exhibition games without first obtaining permission from the NYHL through the Select Convenor will cause the Coach and Manager to be suspended pending a review by the Select Convenor and the Vice President House League.
    Game sheets must be submitted to the NYHL within 48 hours following the end of the exhibition game; scanned or faxed copies are acceptable. Note that the NYHL may levy a fine for not doing this.   Teams are responsible for submission of legible game sheets.  
    CHOP certified referees are required for exhibition games.
    Exhibition games must not affect House League games and practices.

  11. NYHL Hearings
    Coaches must be present at NYHL hearings regarding Coach or Player Suspension.
    Coaches should be prepared to attend a hearing with twenty four (24) hours notice from the NYHL.  Should a Coach be unable to attend due to business reasons, etc., a delegate may be appointed to attend.   The Association advises that Coaches prepare a well written document and bring the original game sheet for the event in question that may be required at a hearing.

  12. Affiliate Team Call-Ups
    Teams are permitted to call up players from their affiliated team during the course of the season as permitted by NYHL Rules.
    The Association prefers that the affiliate team Coach endeavours to provide an opportunity to all players capable of “playing-up”.
    The Association prefers that the Coach requesting players first consider awarding his/her own players extra ice time before requesting players from the affiliate team.

  13. Signing Players / Commitments / Releases
    During and following tryouts, Coaches are responsible for offering positions on their team to players that they have assessed throughout the tryout period and feel they can contribute to the overall success of their team.
    Coaches are advised that in offering  a position to a player, a commitment is made to the player for the duration of the season; Coaches are responsible for fulfilling this commitment.   There are situations in which a Coach may request that the Vice President House League or Select Convenor release the Coach from a commitment to a player.
    Releases applied for by either a Coach or a player will be considered by the Vice President House League or Select Convenor under the following conditions:

    • A player who is causing a disciplinary problem.

    • A player who seriously disrupts the harmony of the team.

    • A player’s parent who causes serious problems or disruptions to the team.

    • A player whose experience on the team is inconsistent with the expectations that were set out to him/her or his parents by a Coach.

    • A player, who, it is determined, has been treated unfairly by a Coach.

    • Any other situation arising not specified here will be considered on its merits.

  14. Sponsors
    The Association is not responsible for obtaining team sponsors.Each team may  obtain sponsorships for its operation.
    Each team is permitted to use sponsorship funds to offset any expenses incurred by their team, including but not limited to, team apparel, tournament fees, team events, registration fees, hockey equipment, specialized coaching, etc.
    Sponsor’s names and the location of decals or logos to be placed on Hillcrest Canadiens equipment must be approved by the Association.

  15. Coaches Tenure
    All Select Coaching appointments are for one season.

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    Coaching Staff Dismissals


Coaches will be dismissed from the organization based on the following:

  • Non compliance with Hockey Canada, GTHL, NYHL and HVMHA rules and regulations.


  • Mistreatment of players, whether considered to be psychological  or physical abuse.

  • Misappropriation of team funds.

  • Failure to field a competitive team.

  • Failure to secure Assistant Coaches or a Trainer for the team.

  • Reported abuse of officials.

  • Any other breach of this Manual determined by the Select Convenor or Vice President House League to warrant dismissal.
    The Select Convenor and Vice President will jointly determine when it is appropriate to dismiss a Coach.

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    Team Staff Suspensions


Coaches and/or Managers, as circumstances warrant, may be suspended by the Association for a period that the Association may determine appropriate, for the following reasons:

  • Failure to nominate a team representative to attend Association meetings.

  • Corresponding directly with GTHL or NYHL officials.

  • Participating in tournaments, exhibition games, team functions without the appropriate approvals.

  • Physical or verbal abuse of players, parents, on-ice officials, opposing team members or Association officials.

  • Failure to wear helmet during team on ice functions.

  • Failure to supervise players at all times during team functions.

  • Failure to give advance notice to players regarding suspensions, practices, games, tournaments, etc.

  • Failure to appropriately communicate with player/parents/Association.

  • Playing an exhibition game without first obtaining the appropriate approvals

  • Failure to produce a financial statement to the Association and team parents.

  • Any other breach of this Manual determined by the Select Convenor or Vice President House League to warrant suspension.