Player Commitment Form (Hillcrest Hockey)

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Player Commitment Form

1. Commitment to House League

Hillcrest Village Minor Hockey Association has a requirement that, in order to play Select Hockey, the player will have to attend all* of his/her House League games and practices. We balance the House League teams considering each player’s abilities and, as a Select player, your attendance is essential for the balancing to work. There needs to be a commitment to your team and to the other players.

If you have a direct weekly time conflict with House League games and practices, you should not register with Hillcrest Village Minor Hockey Association. The time conflict will prevent you from playing House League, in the first place and, as such, you will also not be able to meet your commitment to enable you to play Select.

2. Commitment to Select

Hillcrest Village Minor Hockey League Select teams play in the North York Hockey League (NYHL) against other hockey associations in North York. As such, the Select teams represent our organization. Thus, we hope that our teams represent us to the best of their ability. With this in mind, we provide weekly Select practices for the players to develop themselves as well as teamwork and it is also imperative that players attend all* of his/her Select practices.

I, __________________, wishing to play for the ________________ (level) Select Team, do hereby advise that I have read the required commitments as indicated in 1. and 2. above and hereby agree to abide by the requirements as indicated.


Player: _______________________ Date: ___________________

Parent: _______________________ Date: ___________________

* Occasional absences due to sickness, vacations, attending other sporting events such as NHL games, friend’s birthdays, family events, Bar Mitvahs, exams and other “reasonable” reasons for absences are accepted.